Fishing Reports


Summer is officially here, and the fishing is hot on Lake of the Woods. Even with the ever changing weather, the guides are staying on fish like blue sky on a sunny day!

Rainy River/4 Mile Bay- As most of the fish from the spring run have made their way back out to the main lake, there still are a few that will reside in the river and bay. If the wind is blowing to hard to allow fishing on the lake, remember the river is there too! Sturgeon season begins again on July 1st, and runs until Sept. 31st. If you were unable to fill your spring tag, here is your second chance. Or pick up a $5 tag and catch one to see what the fun is all about. Also the Small-mouth Bass are becoming more active as the water temps are increasing. Hit the outside edges of the docks, and the break lines from 9-15 ft. while pulling plugs, and you will see a fish that will fight for every pound that it is worth. You will also find some heavy Northern Pike along these same break lines.

South Shore- The wind has the water turning pretty good this last week, but the fish are holding out in the 29-32 ft. of water range. From Lighthouse Gap to Morris Point Gap, all the way up to Long Point, jigging, pulling spinners with leeches or crawlers, and downrigging are all producing great numbers of fish. Pink, gold, chartreuse jigs with a little rattle, and tipped with a frozen shiner or chub. Spinners of the same color drifting at a speed of .5-1 mph with 1-2 oz. weights are also doing well, while covering a little more ground to find the active schools of fish.

Knight, Bridges, Garden- Jigging is still a very effective method of catching these fish on structure. Various Knight and Bridges reefs are holding great quality Walleye and very respectable Sauger. Depths of 24-32 ft. of water are holding fish for most of the day, giving you a memorable bite while anchored down. The spinner bite on the east and west bar of Garden Island is also strong. Using the same drifting methods as on the South shore. Play the wind right and you could have a 100 fish day like so many people have talked about.

See you out there!



The walleye season has come to an end, but not for long. It will reopen with the rest of the state of Minnesota on Saturday, May 13th. Which means time to fight some big fish. Sturgeon fishing is in full swing with the catch and release happening now. April 24th-May 7th are the dates for the early keep season, with the late keep season happening from July 1st-September 30th.

If you have never had a chance to fight one of these behemoths, now is as good as any. Using heavy 6-7 foot rods with a heavier braided line, works great for getting them right in. Unless you enjoy the fight using the same rod as you do for walleye season can also get the job done, but it may take you a little longer. 3 foot leader with 2-4 oz. of weight, and 2-0 circle hook loaded with up night crawlers, and then sit back and wait!!

Targeting just about any depth of water over 15 feet deep, will eventually produce a dinosaur you will not forget. From 4 Mile Bay, to Nelson’s Landing in Birchdale, the Rainy River will be full of Sturgeon enthusiasts trying to conquer their old records, and catch the big one. Now the State of Minnesota has a catch and release record for Sturgeon. Your next one could be the new state record!!

We still have lodging available at both the resort and hotel during the midweeks. Call us today to make your next dinosaur adventure a memorable one.

See you on there!!


Since yesterday’s report was posted, we have learned that Frontier, and Vidas landings are open and cleared of ice. It is anticipated that the Timber Mill landing should be open within the next day or two.

With the current, 3/4-1 oz. jigs have been able to hold. Using rainbow chubs, fatheads, or shiners are the key baits being used. Either anchored up and jigging, or drift jigging has been the techniques being used.

See you out there!


Ice fishing has come to end for us this year. We would graciously like to thank all of you who came up to fish and stay with us this past winter. We had a great year of fishing, and getting to know all of you! We look forward the next hard water season, and visiting with you all again. We have pulled all houses off the lake and put them away for the season. Adrian’s has closed their road, as Four Mile Bay begins to open up for this years open water season.

The Rainy River is making its spring migration north. With reports that the Birchdale landing is open to all boats, and Frontier Landing is also almost cleared of its shore ice. The Rainy River is still moving, as reports of open water through the middle of the river have been seen just a few miles east of Baudette. With the warm up in temperatures we will have this next week, it won’t be long before we are fishing all the way up the Wheeler’s Point access, and into Four Mile Bay.

Great reports of fishing have been coming in from our guests staying at the Walleye Inn. 50 plus fish per boat, with lots of slot fish and over 28 inchers being caught. The limit is only 2 fish under 19.5″ per person, with anything over needing to be immediately released. We advise that any fish over that 19.5′ length should be handled carefully and put back in the water as soon as possible to ensure they can continue to go about their spring time duties of producing more quality fish for this great fishery.

Check out our special spring lodging rates we have available at the resort and hotel, and we will see you out there!



Ice conditions are still favorable on Adrian’s Road. We currently are fishing all our houses north on the reefs of Lake of the Woods. We will keep them there as long as ice conditions stay safe. We are currently in a major cool down with temperatures dipping down to below zero levels over the next three days. This has caused the water from the snow melt to freeze up very smooth. Ice thickness is still 26″-30″.

We are catching a great mix of quality walleye and sauger, with jumbo perch also being caught. Fishing action has been consistent through the day, with very little lulls in the bite. Jigging spoons tipped with full minnow or minnow head, and dead sticks with plain hooks. Color has not seemed to matter, as the fish have been very aggressive.

The Rainy River is also making its migration north. Reports of open water (through the middle) up to the Birchdale Landing. The next few days of cold will the slow the process down a little, but it is inevitable!! It will be open soon. Make your Walleye Inn reservations soon as April is filling up fast.

Ice houses are able to stay out until March 31st on Lake of the Woods. Of course we are watching conditions daily to ensure safety to all our guests. We currently are running a March Madness Ice Fishing Package discount. Click here to see discounted ice fishing package.

See you on the lake!!


February is that month were fishing patterns and the bite usually makes its change on Lake of the Woods. This year is one of the exceptions!

We have kept our south ice fishing houses in the same location for the last 4 weeks. This is due to the amount of bait that has been holding is this location. As we all know in most cases fish follow the bait. We continue to see many marks on the flashers from suspended fish feeding on the bait pods. Customers are catching walleyes, and saugers suspended from 10 to 27 feet off the bottom. There have been 17 inch walleye caught 3 feet below the ice. As we all look at the line and assume it is surface interference, this year it has turned out to be feeding fish.

We have moved some houses north to our happy fishing grounds. Fishing up there has also been phenomenal. Using the same techniques, and lures as in the south houses. Gold, pink, glow red, orange, full minnow or just the minnow head. Plain red hooks on the dead sticks.

The guides have been monitoring the lake conditions for the last week. As we have lost a lot of the snow cover, the ice conditions on the roads and trails are still good (27-30 inches). Keep in mind these guides are out there everyday and are constantly checking to make sure it is good. Safety is our #1 priority!!

See you on the lake!!


January was a great month of fishing on Lake of the Woods, and February is showing no signs of slowing down.

We have our fish houses in 30-31 1/2 feet of water, and we are seeing all sorts of species coming through. Walleyes, Saugers, Northern Pike, Tulipy, Eel Pout, Perch, and Crappie. Walleyes and saugers have been traveling in all depths of the water column. Larger fish are being caught from the bottom, up to 10 feet below the ice. Using your flashers/electronics have been a key component in locating the suspended fish.

Smaller jigging spoons (pink, gold, orange, and chartreuse glow) with full minnows, or just part of a minnow are working the best for the the jig sticks. They are also more versatile in moving up and down in the water column to catch the suspended fish passing through, without spooking them. Plain pink glow hooks and full minnows on the dead stick has been just as effective. Setting them up in the area that the suspended fish are moving through, or setting them 14-24 inches off the bottom. There is not many things more exciting than watching that bobber pop below the surface of the water!!

Ice conditions are still holding strong. Even with the January heat wave, we have a solid 24 inches of ice. These colder temps at night should quickly add more inches for our March run of ice fishing!!

See you on the lake!!



We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and are anticipating a Happy New Year!!

Recent road reports for Adrian’s Road have been released. They are allowing 1/2 ton vehicles out NOT pulling wheel houses. Mid-size SUV’s, car, and vans, are also being allowed out. Wheel houses being pulled by ATV, or side-by-side up 17 feet in length. Ice in Four Mile Bay is ranging from 14-15 inches, while in the lake it is varying from 12-15 inches of ice.

Fishing on the east side of the lake has remained consistent. Working the jig stick and dead stick combination has be key. Plain hook and fathead or shiner on the dead stick, while a slow roll jigging technique to coax the fish on the flasher to chase. Getting them to chase a couple feet off the bottom has created the most effective strike on the active biting fish. Many slot fish, and over 28 inches have been coming in lethargic, offering a slow and steady presentation has been paying off, although you have to be patient when they arrive.

We did not get the total snow fall that was predicted. We ended up with about 3-4 inches of fresh snow. Ice is still in really good condition. Although we can not stress ice safety enough. Please use marked trails, and called ahead for current ice reports!!!

See you on the lake!!


The houses are out, and people are fishing. Fishing was awesome today. Great mix of walleye, sauger, and pirch.

We currently have houses in 20 feet of water, in our normal early ice location on the lake. Ice thickness is 9.5-10 inches where the houses sit. Charmers, Gem-n-eyes, and stop signs worked well today tipped with a minnow head. Fish were also striking the dead sticks with full minnow and single red hooks, or single hook Gem-n-eyes. Most of the walleyes were active biting, while the saugers needed a little enticing off the bottom by making them chase up.

Currently ATV’s and side-by-sides with portable are being allowed out. Trails are marked for safe travel. Please use caution and common sense when venturing out on to the lake!



South end of lake still doing good but the bite is really turning on up north.
Reefs, Garden, Knights & Bridges producing nice fish both of quality and quantity. 25-32ft
Rainy River & 4-mile Bay seem to be producing early AMs and later evenings. Walleyes, Saugers and Perch
Pink, gold and chartreuse. 1/4 oz in most places but 1/2 oz needed in some spots with more current. Jigging. Frozen Shiners