Fall Hiking in Baudette, Minnesota

It’s no secret that one of the most beautiful times to visit Minnesota is during the autumn months. Between the ever-changing leaves and miles of hiking trails, there’s an abundance of things to do in Baudette, Minnesota. River Bend’s Resort & Walleye Inn will make your family feel right at home during your fall adventure. From our on-site restaurant to our knowledge walleye fishing guides, our Baudette, Minnesota, resort cannot be beaten!

Top Hiking Trails near River Bend’s Resort & Walleye Inn

One of the best ways to experience Minnesota’s natural beauty is to hike one of the many trails in our area. Immersing yourself in the fall foliage will surely show you how beautiful Minnesota truly is! While there are many trails that we enjoy to explore, the following trails will show you the best fall foliage Minnesota has to offer. 

Franz Jevne State Park

For a serene, peaceful outdoor experience, head to Franz Jevne State Park. Guests will see breathtaking views of Ontario and the Rainy River. The park has shorts trails and a boat launch so visitors can throw a few casts. Word on the street is there are endless massive walleye, northern, smallmouth bass, and sturgeon swimming in the depths of the Rainy River. You’ll never know until you visit Franz Jevne State Park!

Lost Forty

Another must-see area is the Lost Forty trail. Guests following the trails will pass by trees as old as 350-years-old! The trees grow between 22 and 48 inches in diameter. Imagine standing next to one of those bad boys! The Lost Forty is considered a special area in the Chippewa National Forest, so it will be managed throughout its old age. After all, old age gives the trees more character. 

River Bend’s Resort & Walleye Inn

While there are many things to do during the autumn months, hiking is genuinely the best way to experience Minnesota’s fall foliage. When staying at River Bend’s Resort & Walleye Inn, you’ll be close to many of our area’s popular hiking trails, which provides the opportunity to maximize your outdoor exploration. To learn more about how you can reserve you fall adventure, visit our website, or talk to our friendly staff by calling 800-292-3084.