Fishing Report January 28, 2021

Jan 28, 2021

We are continuing to follow the fish which has us hovering around 30-33 foot depths where we were last week. The walleye and sauger bite continue to be very consistent with catches that allow for sorting out the keepers. Trophy walleye (over 28″) and slot fish (19.5 – 28″) continue to be caught. Some of our anglers are reporting that big walleye are being targeted and caught suspended within the 5-20 foot water column still over 33 foot of water. 

Jigging with lures with a rattle or vibration has been effective in both catching and attracting fish. The popular lure colors remain glow and bright colors like pink and white while gold is also producing. For your second line, we encourage using a deadstick. Rig up a plain red hood with a live minnow under a bobber 6 to 12” off the bottom or shake it up and try for those big walleyes that have been reported to be suspended. 

If you are a moon phase fisherman, we are currently in a Waning Crescent moon which will produce a late morning, early afternoon to late afternoon bite over the next 7 days. 


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