Guided Kayak Fishing with River Bend’s Resort

Kayak Fishing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Our fleet of Hobie fishing kayaks, with their Mirage Drive pedal system free your hands up to focus more on fishing and less on kayak navigation. These kayaks have opened up opportunities to fish areas that boats pass by on a daily basis, due to lack of access through shallow water, or vegetation.

Our guide will take you on a Rainy River fishing adventure you will not forget. Targeting lake sturgeon, giant northern pike, walleye and smallmouth bass. There will be no shortage of action. The Rainy River, which is mainly fished spring and fall during peak Walleye runs, is also a world renowned Smallmouth bass fishery. It is also known for its predominant population of Lake Sturgeon, that can reach lengths of 70” plus, and weights over 80 lbs.

Launching from Resort Location

½ day (4 hours) $200 per person

¾ day (6 hours) $250 per person

Full day (8 hours) $280 per person

Evening Guided Rainy River/4 Mile Bay Cruise

This a tranquil and majestic stroll through the transition of the Rainy River into Lake of the Woods. This trip starts at our resort location and takes you to Pine Island and back.

3 hour $100 per person

Guided Day Trip

Select our guided day trip excursion, and see some of the most pristine views of the northern US/Canadian border. Many have never had the opportunity to see this kind of northern seclusion. From rapids to giant boulders, tall pines to bald eagles, and waters navigated by early pioneers and settlers. Did we mention you can also fish at the same time!

$350 per person/day rapids/fishing day trip.

River Rapids

The rapids are class 2, and easy to navigate by all kayak skill levels! The Hobie Kayaks are equipped with a paddle for additional travel and navigation needs.

This is a day trip where we will transport the kayaks 40 miles up river, and navigate our way down some of the best fishing waters along the Rainy River.

Mother shipping trips to Northwest Angle islands

Coming in 2020

What to Bring:

  • Minnesota state fishing license
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • (Polarized) Sunglasses
  • Clothing able to get wet
  • Towel
  • Water shoes or Slides
  • Soft Drinks/water

What we provide:

  • Professional Guide
  • Hobie Kayak w/Mirage Drive system
  • Paddle
  • PFD (personal flotation device)
  • Rods and Reels
  • Tackle
  • Bait
  • Anchoring system
  • Ice
  • Cooler

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