Ice Fishing Sleeper House Rentals

5 Perks of Ice Fishing Sleeper House Rentals

Imagine sitting on the ice with a few of your favorite fishing partners. Your lines, fastened with new lures you picked up in hopes of landing the best catch of the day, sink deep into the cool waters. You feel the first tug and begin gathering your line. Through the hole drilled in the ice, you can see the distinct patterns of a walleye and reach in to claim your first fish. This is what you can have the chance to experience here at River Bend Resort and do it in comfort when you book one of our cozy ice fishing sleeper house rentals for your Minnesota ice fishing excursion! We want to share five perks that prove why having an ice fishing sleeper house is one element that you won’t want to hit the ice without ever again. 

1. Convenience is Key

One of the best perks of having ice fishing sleeper house rentals is definitely the aspect of convenience. You won’t have to lug a sled full of your supplies out to your fishing spot each day as you will be able to unpack everything you need inside your sleeper house and have it nearby at all times. You will also be located nearby our resort facilities in case you need anything or want to grab a drink and a hot meal at our very own Miles Lab Bar and Grill. You also won’t have to pack up anytime you want to head inland for a while since the sleeper house is yours to use throughout your stay. 

2. Stay Comfortable While Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is notably easy to recognize as a winter activity that usually isn’t the warmest. When you are out on the open ice, there aren’t any real wind blocks to keep the cold from nipping at you and Minnesota winters can reach frigid temperatures that can make being outside uncomfortable. When you rent out an ice fishing sleeper house, you won’t have to worry about the cold at all. Stay cozy and comfortable inside your sleeper house with several holes drilled right inside and a heater keeping it nice and toasty for you. 

3. Leave the Work to usIce Fishing Sleeper House Rentals

Many avid ice fishers can confirm that finding the best spots to drill, testing out the ice, drilling through the thick ice, and setting up their site can be quite a bit of work. This is where booking ice fishing sleeper house rentals can cut out the work so you can just focus on simply enjoying a day of fishing. Our experienced team members head out on the ice to drill and periodically move the ice houses to continuously find the honey hole fishing spots for each of our guests. 

4. Don’t Miss a Moment

Heading out on the ice on your own can be a fun adventure, but winter days are considerably shorter creating a smaller window to enjoy your trip. However, when you are staying in a sleeper house, you can continue dropping your lines from the minute you wake up into the late evening until you decide to turn in for the evening. Each ice fishing sleeper house rental is equipped with lighting, beds for each member of your group, and heat so the crisp Minnesota nights won’t interfere with your fishing adventure. 

5. Minnesota Ice Fishing Packages

The best perk when you get yourself ice fishing sleeper house rentals with us at River Bend Resort is the different packages that we offer throughout the winter. Whether you are looking to keep it simple or want an all-inclusive experience with meals and other perks, there are usually fantastic packages to match your needs. If you can’t find what you want on our website, give us a call and let us help you put together the ice fishing trip of your dreams!

Ice Fishing Sleeper House RentalsThe Best Minnesota Ice Fishing Experience

As you can see, there are a few reasons that reserving one of our ice fishing sleeper house rentals can take your ice fishing trip to the next level. After experiencing the perks of ice fishing in style with the sleeper houses at River Bend Resort, you won’t want to head out onto the ice any other way. What are you waiting for? Your very own ice fishing excursion is only a few clicks away!


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