Baudette ResortsPhoto Op In Baudette MN

Have you ever wanted to catch a fish, but not on a hook, on camera? You might think at Baudette Resorts there is not a lot to capture, but there is! Whether you are capturing the beauty that is Lake of the Woods or the amazing fish you catch, this summer, you will have a ton of opportunities to take incredible pictures.

At River Bend’s Resort, we want to make sure you are ready for your or the fishes close up. There is nothing better than capturing an image at the exact moment it happens. From the action shot of someone hooking a huge fish or the sun rising over the water. All of these amazing shots can happen when you stay in Baudette, MN. Our fishing charters will get you out on the water to capture the fish close up or to take amazing shots of the lake and the shoreline from afar.

Minnesota offers amazing landscape for photography. With forests, lakes, and gorgeous wildlife, you will love spending the time working on capturing the perfect photo. At River Bend’s, we want to make sure you can venture out and take pictures. We are close to a lot of beautiful sites for you to walk and explore.

Whether you bring a multiple lens camera, a smaller digital camera, a Polaroid, or your phone, you will create a beautiful photo when you visit Baudette, MN. With any camera of your choosing, knowing how to operate it, is crucial. Take some time before heading our way and get comfortable with handling your camera. Reading information on how to adjust exposure and settings will help you become a better photographer.


What are you trying to capture? Are you trying to get close-ups of the fish or action shots of your friends and family? If landscape and close-ups are your interest, bring a few lens to interchange. If you are trying to Baudette Resortscatch a fish close up jumping out of the water, a large lens will help you get that shot without having to get too close. A close-up of the fish after it has been caught calls for a smaller lens that will help you focus on the scales and the contrast of the fish. If you want to capture portraits we recommend a camera with an action shot setting. This way you can catch all the movement while out on the boat.                                

After a fun day of capturing the perfect image relax at our resort and look over your photos. A tip when looking over your pictures is to caption them. Where you were, what you were doing, and what type of fish did you catch. That way when you are looking back at the photos or adding them online you have all the information. At River Bend’s, we will make sure you have space and the comfort to uncover an amazing photo, and we cannot wait to see what you create at our Baudette Resorts!