Baudette ResortsPlan Your Summer Vacation To Baudette MN

Imagine waking up to the warm sun glistening over the lake, jumping on a boat and enjoying the view as you wait for the perfect fish. At River Bend’s Resort and Walleye Inn this is all we can think about as summer approaches. Baudette Resorts is the perfect summer vacation getaway for the whole family. Enjoy the fishing, all the lake activities, the new restaurant and bar, and so much more. It is time to make your daydreams a reality and plan your summer vacation.


Summer fishing is some of the best fishing. Not only is the weather beautiful but you have your chance to catch the best fish. For a few short summer months, Sturgeon and Musky are an ideal catch. Lake Sturgeon, sometimes called a living dinosaur of the fish world, are slow-growing and late-maturing, and they only spawn intermittently. Characteristics are heterocercal caudal fin similar to that of sharks, and an elongated body that is smooth-skinned, scaleless and armored with lateral rows of bony plates. Muskies, also known as Muskellunge, are one of the largest and most difficult to catch in Minnesota. Muskies are light green, silver or light brown and usually have dark bars running up and down their long bodies. A Muskie waits in weed beds and then lunges forward, clamping its large, tooth-lined jaws onto the prey. They will eat fish and sometimes ducklings and even small muskrats. The season to catch these interesting and unique fish is upon us, and that is why fishing at River Bend’s Resort and Walleye Inn is the perfect place for your summer fishing trip.


After a long day exploring Baudette, MN relax at our fantastic resort. With new additions such as our restaurant and bar, we have everything that you will need to make your summer vacation great. The new restaurant and bar have a gorgeous view of the river through the 70ft. of windows or sitting outside on the patio. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner and we can cook your fresh catch! You can also enjoy the taste of River Bend’s famous fish batter. The bar and restaurant is the perfect place to relax and spend some time enjoying beautiful Baudette, MN.

River Bend’s Resort and Walleye Inn is the place to be this summer. Our walleye charter fishing packages include a USCG certified charter captain, all angling equipment, onboard restrooms, fish cleaning, and packaging. We have you covered on your summer vacation with air-conditioned cabins, fully supplied kitchens, and a ton of amenities. This summer you will be lured in by the amazing lake full of fish at Baudette Resorts. So, start planning your fishing trip today!