Summer Fishing Near Our Baudette MN Resort

People from all over the world come to fish Lake of the Woods. It’s home to many species of fish and beautiful views. At River Bend’s Resort, we offer customizable Lake of the Woods fishing trips! Lake of the Woods is divided into many sections, so it’s essential to know the differences between them before planning your trip. Read below for some of the top summer fishing spots.

Rainy River

Rainy River is the dividing line between Canada and the United States. The river runs for 60 miles west of Baudette, MN before emptying into Lake of the Woods. Most fisherman trail from the mouth of the river to 30 miles upstream. This section is suitable for most fishing boats and is full of healthy fish. Fishers are known to catch walleye in the Rainy River year-round. Another popular fish caught in the Rainy River is the Lake Sturgeon. These fish are increasing in popularity, so prepare to spend a long time reeling in these hefty beasts!  

Big Traverse Bay

Big Traverse Bay is the main body of water in Lake of the Woods. This is a great spot to fish because there are miles of uncommercialized land. Fish find protection in the mudflats and lake plants. Although the water is very clean, the water appears to have a tint. This is because feeder rivers, streams and creeks flow into Big Traverse Bay. The tinted water makes for great fishing because it encourages fish activity regardless of time. No need to set a painfully early alarm; fish are equally as active during the day!

River Bend’s Resort

Attending a fishing trip has never been easier! River Bend’s fishing charters supply all angling equipment, a USCG certified captain, on board restrooms, fish cleaning and packaging. The continuous bites will have your whole family on their toes!  Book your stay with River Bend’s Resort today by visiting our website or talking to our friendly staff at 800-292-3084.