Migrating Birds

Types of Migrating Birds in Baudette, Minnesota

The autumn months present countless activities for your family to enjoy. Many of which are outdoor activities such as hiking Minnesota’s trails, jumping into a pile of leaves, or spending hours decorating the perfect pumpkin. Although, the enchantment of fall seems to come and go all too quickly in Baudette, Minnesota, similarly to many types of migrating birds. Locals and visitors alike stay at River Bend’s Resort & Walleye Inn to be near some of the best bird-watching spots in Minnesota. Gear up for the colder weather because the Minnesota winter birds are coming soon!

Bird Migration Dates

Fall bird migration is ramping up in Minnesota. Before venturing out with no expectations, learn about the types of migratory birds, you’re likely to see! The bird migration dates listed below discuss common trends we have seen from birds in Baudette throughout the years. 


While September often puts on a fall color display, September is also the time for the first frost of the season. Fall weather starts the migration period for nesting birds such as hungry sparrows, blackbirds, cardinals, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, woodpeckers, and finches. These birds are also referred to as primary feeding birds. If you haven’t seen hungry birds migrate before, this scene may be alarming. Feeding birds tend to swarm their food source. Other types of migrating birds seen in September are small raptors and Turkey Vultures. Large groups of raptors soar through the sky in search of warmer weather. 


On average, October is the average time for large raptors and northern goshawks to take off for warmer weather. Other birds such as Sandhills Cranes follow their lead. Sandhill Cranes are enjoyable to watch during migration. Their long, gangly legs dangle from the sky while the head to the southern states. They also make a distinctive call to their fellow cranes during flight. If you’re lucky enough to see a Sandhill Crane land to eat before migration, keep an eye peeled for their happy dance. It’s an unforgettable sight. October is also one of the best months to watch for unique and rare birds, such as winter finches.  


Types of migrating birds

November, AKA, the cloudiest month, is a frigid time of the year. The majority of Minnesota’s lake are frozen, which sends the remaining migratory birds south. Tundra swans make their way to warmer states such as North Carolina and Virginia. To experience the swan migration, head to Red Wing and Read’s Landing during the first glimpse of sunshine. November is also a great time to see snowbirds to fly home to Minnesota. Snow buntings, Northern owls, and Bald eagles will be out and about for bird watchers to enjoy. The Dark-eyed Juncos, commonly referenced as Minnesota’s snowbird, typically come to town just before the first snow. Their arrival truly means that winter is coming.

River Bend’s Resort & Walleye Inn 

Whichever season you visit Baudette, Minnesota, you’ll have a great time bird-watching. There are always several types of migratory birds present no matter the month or year. Bird-watching is an activity that is great for your whole family. Whether you’re a devoted migratory bird-watcher or just trying to gain some experience, our River Bend’s Resort & Walleye Inn staff will help you have the best experience. To learn more about local types of migratory birds, talk to our knowledge staff by calling 800-292-3084.


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