River Bend’s Resorts in Minnesota offers some of the best ice fishing in the Midwest. You can experience this premier fishing opportunity on our very own, Lake of the Woods. We want to make sure you have a memorable experience when you head out on the ice this winter, so we’ve put together a packing list for you. Come ice fishing in Minnesota and stay in our premier lodging.

Ice Fishing in Minnesota

We’ve put a packing list of items that might help make your stay in our cozy ice houses outstanding. When you book your stay with River Bend’s Resorts, you spend the night in one of our spacious cabins, with full kitchens and kitchenware. Along with a clean, comfortable ice house, complete with heated transportation or a road pass to and from your preheated ice house. Once you’re settled in you’ll find bait, fish cleaning supplies, lights, two pre-drilled holes per fishers, an ice scoop, fish buckets, garbage bags, disposal bags and paper for the bathroom, most of our ice houses have a restroom attached.  

Packing List

Leaving you with the following items to pack:

  • Food, Water and Warm Beverages:

Our basic package doesn’t include meals,  but you could easily add meals to your stay for an all-inclusive package. Although our meals are tasty, we understand you may choose to eat your freshly caught fish, and that’s ok. However, you’ll want to make sure to pack your spices and garnish. Make sure to have plenty of water, and maybe some warm beverages, like coffee or hot cocoa.

  • Cooler:

Although we provide buckets and our crisp winters often feel like a freezer, you’ll more than likely need a cooler to keep your food, and beverages cool inside the warm ice house.

  • Fishing gear:

Bring your flasher, to see what’s below the ice, fishing rods, jigs, tackle, rod holders, extra fishing line, and bait.

  • Clothing:

The ice fishing houses are both well heated and insulated, so staying warm is easy. However, if you plan on fishing outside, you’ll want to have warm clothing, boots, mittens, and hats. Any local will tell you that layers are a necessity up here. Now when you come ice fishing in Minnesota, you’ll be ready to make warm memories fishing on Lake of the Woods with River Bend’s Resorts.